Atelier marsala

Caves & Clouds



Sao Paolo, Brazil


Project Team

Atelier Marsala (RV)

Julia Park

Marcelo Venzon

Ana Candida Marcondes

Marco Busetti

Paloma Neves

Noel Lima


I entered a room that looked like a lab garden place. Everything felt natural at first, I had only noticed colors and forms. Surrounded by tall and dense plants, that provoked chaos in such an ordered place, there was a table with colorless objects, visually familiar but they felt a bit odd by the touch. They looked like tools. Perhaps they even were. There were some lightness in it when I lift it, but it's impact was quite strong, loud and rainy against that spongy white mass.


Going through that layer, I could feel the temperature rise and the sound of my breathing getting restless and concentrated. My hand could tear apart these walls, but somehow they felt rock solid against my body. I was diving. Looking ahead, there was a spot of light getting stronger and stronger, while I was getting closer. I was feeling a bit inebriated with all that blizzard. The high noise of the friction between the plastic ice and the white mass was somewhat deafening. The green was disappearing and the light was intensifying. Suddenly, the thump of the ice felt soft. When I pulled it back I could see a way out, a blinding light together with a flowing breeze.


Disruption led me to another place, a place filled with clouds in an infinite sky. I fell asleep."


Source: Julia Park

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Atelier marsala