Atelier marsala

Archeological Library



Berlin, Germany


Project Team

Atelier Marsala (RV)

Andrea Govi

Antonio La Marca


Berlin is a heterogeneous city oscillating between urban form and void. The city is shaped by a historically grown collage of formal systems. The river Spree can be considered as space ordering principle with changing „riverspaces“ which are related to each other by a cluster of monuments located along the Spree river generating a diversified sequence of narrowing and expanding cityscapes. The intersected radial system of the Spandauer Vorstadt finds his continuity in the site where the lateral advance of the morphology is concluded with a new boundary. This new boundary is a linear building that sets a strong edge to the park and creates a strong relation to the Bodemuseum of the Museumsinsel. The riverspace becomes the public realm that flows as urban boulevard into the building and culminates in the most important space of the new archeological library the grand reading hall.

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Atelier marsala