Atelier marsala

Living at the Riverside



Speyer, Germany


Project Team

Atelier Marsala (RV)

Christian Sünnen

Nathalie Hipp

David Lohmüller


'Riverside Housing' is an urban development project located in Speyer (southwest Germany) which introduces a complex of new apartments along the river Rhine.  Jointly planned apartment blocks with penthouses are attached by their rooftops and create a new interpretation of the urban block. An Irregular layout opens up the block and provides mixed outdoor spaces.


The use of the area is divided into three zones: street-oriented buildings for commercial-use which are facing the existing industrial area; small artist studios behind the commercial buildings creating the courtyards, as well as residential high-density apartments orientated to the river side extending along the  entire length of the site. The basic structure of the living units have the same depth differing only in width. The given configuration offers different apartment types for a mixed social structure.


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