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Karlsruhe, Germany


Project Team

Atelier Marsala

Marie Luise Fette

Antje Köllner

Milena Falkenburger

Nadine Müller

The project is based on two general aims of the design studio: One the one hand the experience of working directly with materials like wood and metal to learn about the inhered structural principles and on the other hand the analysis of the human scale i.e. its relation to architectural space.The final output of the semester was the design of a wooden unit in a one-to-one scale, which reflect the extensive engagement with these aspects. The units were built in the courtyard of the Faculty in Karlsruhe assembled to a jointly developed composition.


Each unit follows a functional keyword implying the intended atmosphere for example townhall, teahouse and bar. This had an impact on the design of the units in various ways e.g. the orientation, the zoning, the visibility between interior and exterior, the seating facilities, the contruction techniques etc. The teahouse unit embraces an inner courtyard within the composition which is meant to be a meeting point between the constructions. The building itself is subdivided into three parts, each part creating an intimate space for small group gatherings. The L-shape reveals a close connection to the public function as well introducing a horizontality to the building giving it a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The latter also being visible structurally by horizontally attached wooden boards on the facade. leaving a series of run-down areas which were not built up because of their location along the envisaged “cut”. Today these areas are waiting for a new programme and role, respectful of their delicate location and context but adequate to a contemporary metropolis and its new values.


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